Wednesday, September 20, 2006

For More Postings...

Technology is great, isn't it? Who would have thought just a few years ago that we'd be blogging about our show and bringing you the highlights as close to real time as we can make it?

Of course, technology also has its glitches--and we are experiencing one of those today! We've been posting to this site since late August, but we've noticed that today only the last post and part of the previous post are showing up on the main page for some people. So, if you are seeing just two or three posts, please be aware that there are more! To view those additional posts, please click on the previous posts links to the right or hit refresh on your computer.

On another note, if there is something you are not seeing on this blog that you think might be helpful to you as you plan your trip to the show or as you view the site to see what you will miss because you can't make it to the show, then let us know by posting a comment. We'll see what we can do to accommodate your requests.

Thank you!


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