Friday, September 22, 2006

New Product Gallery

Many manufacturers showcase new products at the Club Industry shows, and this year will be no exception. Over the next week, we will unveil some of the new products that will appear at the show.

Get Fine, LLC
The Abdominal Lean and Obliques Lean Exercises of the LEAN ABS MACHINE are isometric exercises that also offer additional resistance or assistance during the movement. The movement full stretches the upper torso on the lean out and fully engages the upper torso on the return.

The LEAN ABS MACHINE allows you to pivot on your feet which give an additional 2 feet of leverage resistance making it unnecessary to have to lean out parallel to the ground. With the LEAN ABS MACHINE you will no longer have to get down on the ground; pivot on your knees; stretch out straight by bending at the waist which causes a lot of strain on the lower back. Home and commercial equipment available.

The Raptor SeriesRaptor is a new design of pin select equipment.

BVE - Broadcast Vision Entertainment
BVE - Ewave Wire Free Exercise Entertainment
The first totally "wire free" system provides club members with 14 audio entertainment channels with the freedom to roam with wireless sports style headphones.

BVE Axcess Series Combination 800MHz/FM Receivers
The first combination 800MHz/FM wireless entertainment system receivers for the international market. Provides 10-800MHz audio entertainment channels with FM radio stations.

BVE Axcess Series Personal Screen/Wireless Receiver Controller
The first in the fitness industry - combination personal screen controller & wireless FM/900MHz/800MHz receiver. Club members now have access to more exercise entertainment choices than ever!


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