Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Top 10 Signs You Need to Attend the 2006 Club Industry Show

Sure, there are plenty more than 10 reasons to visit the Club Industry Show this year, but for simplicity’s sake (and in homage to the “Late Show with David Letterman”) we at the magazine decided to blog about the top 10 signs that you need to attend. Enjoy, and feel free to comment at the end of this post about your favorite part of the show and why you feel you need to attend this year.

10. You spend so much time at your facility that the janitor has started dusting you after he wipes down the ellipticals.

9. You still think that your female clients will “bulk up” by lifting 15-pound weights.

8. You keep your own shampoo and soap in the club’s locker room because you shower there everyday.

7. After teaching a group exercise class, you can’t get the beat to 1984’s chart-topper “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! out of your head.

6. You have no idea what “fusion” is unless it involves nuclear reactions.

5. You own a pair of leg warmers or a leotard.

4. You actually wear a pair of leg warmers or a leotard in public.

3. When your circa 1988 treadmills run they actually sound as if they’re crying out for help.

2. Your fitness director keeps talking about this new fangled thing called “circuit training.”

1. You’ve never been to Chicago.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger Laree said...

This is an excellent way to take the rest of us to Club Industry. Thanks for blogging.

Laree Draper


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