Friday, October 06, 2006

ASF Options

I stopped by the ASF booth this afternoon to check out their software. Sean Kirby, national sales director at ASF, showed me some interesting capabilities available on their system. The system can help members who are fortunate enough to get their club membership or personal training sessions reimbursed by their health insurance companies because it allows them to access their attendance record and send it to the insurance company.

The company's Club Pro 3000 is a client management software system that offers clubs help with their prospect lists. With the system, clubs can do paperless contracts with electronic signature capture, call back reports and other options.

Sean had me try their fingerprint check-in system, but for some reason my fingerprints didn't take so Angie Gates, our online person who had come with me to the appointment, offered her finger instead and it worked. It's an interesting option for check-in that made me feel a bit like I was in a James Bond movie.

ASF integrated their system with a phone tree system by Critical Motion. By doing so, the phone tree can call new members with messages of the club's choosing and can e-mail members messages (and perhaps a coupon or another special offer).

The online scheduler helps clubs schedule classes and personal training sessions, and notifies personal trainers when a client calls the club to cancel a personal training session.

ASF also offers an online chat option with technical support and client support.

According to Sean, he and the other executives at ASF have backgrounds at clubs so they understand what clubs want and need. However, that hasn't stopped them from seeking feedback from club owners to see what they want and need in their software, he said.

When I asked Sean whether club owners used all the options that their software offers, he said that many don't, but when ASF finds that out, they can go in and retrain the club owners to show them how taking full advantage of the options can save them time and money in the long run.


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