Friday, October 06, 2006

Let's Zumba

I woke up early this morning, changed into my workout gear and took the bus over to the convention center for the early morning workout. After taking a few photos of attendees trying out the latest cardio and strength training equipment, I walked over to the Cardio Studio to join the Zumba class.

As an avid Jazzerciser for the past five years, I love to dance and find that it is a fun and effective way for me to exercise. I tried a Zumba class at my local health club in Kansas City, and I loved the diverse choreography and upbeat music. My second attempt at Zumba was even more fun. Professional Zumba instructors swung their hips, threw up their hands and performed fun dance moves to salsa, Irish and hip hop music.

I danced in the back row and attempted to keep up with the teachers' fast footwork and quick moves and found I got my heart rate up in no time. Even at five months pregnant, I found the 45-minute routine to be relatively easy to handle. By making exercise fun, the Zumba instructors will be able to keep students coming back time and time again.

Following the Zumba class, the instructors passed out postcards listing the schedule for their workshops.



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