Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More New Products

Pam and I are about ready to leave for Chicago for the show, but before I leave, I thought I'd let you know about a few more new products to look for on the show floor. I hope to see you there!

5 Hour Energy
5 Hour Energy gives you hours of energy now - no crash later. It's a powerful blend of B-vitamins, enzymes and amino acids - zero sugar, zero net carbs and just enough caffeine. Portable 2 ounce bottles require no refrigeration.

Free samples are available for everyone along with more information.

Aquatics by Sprint
Aquatic Exercise Workout Field
First equipment of commercial quality, treadmill, bike, stepper and twister - recumbunt bike - all for your customers in the water.

Athletix Products by Contec, Inc.
Athletix™ Corrosion Inhibitor
Protect your equipment from the rust/corrosion caused by overwhelming amounts of sweat produced during intense workout sessions by applying a protective barrier of Athletix Corrosion Inhibitor on all hard surfaces. This protection can help reduce warranty claims. Comes in a specialty applicator for precise application with little or no dripping or overspray.

Athletix™ Odor Neutralizer Spray
Sweat penetrates multiple surfaces including sports equipment, mats, showers and restrooms, eventually accumulating into mildew and becoming foul smelling. Unlike aggressive cleaners, which can expose members, facilities and sports equipment to harsh chemicals and vapors, Athletix Odor Neutralizer Spray utilizes an exclusive nanopolymer technology to neutralize odor-causing elements and lay down a protective barrier for reduction in the accumulation of odor-causing elements on most hard and soft surfaces.

B & D Specialty Concepts, Inc.
Introducing the GymValet™, a combined bottle and towel holder that is easy-to-install and universally attachable to virtually all makes and models of exercise equipment. Its multi-purpose design makes it the perfect solution for holding fitness equipment, sanitizing supplies, or an exerciser's personal water bottle and towel.

Body-Solid, Inc.
Pro-Dual™ Line
Body-Solid® introduces the Pro-Dual™ commercial equipment line, developed specifically to address the needs of facilities with limited space options, such as hotels, fire stations, office buildings, and residential complexes. Ideally suited for smaller workout environments, the new line includes 10 function-specific dual machines that can stand-alone or be combined with a three-stack or four-stack weight tower to build a single multi-function gym. This modular flexibility allows facilities to create a customized series of workout stations even in the smallest spaces.

Brewer's Ledge
The newest member of the Treadwall family the M4 is a compact, whisper-smooth Treadwall for commercial and residential use. This is a true piece of fitness equipment, elegant and effective, offering fitness climbing within the footprint of a traditional cross-trainer.

EVERLAST Performance Flooring
EVERLAST® Performance Flooring - Available in rolls, tiles and ultra tiles
Everlast Performance Flooring has increased its selection of cutting-edge color combinations to 28 patterns in rolled goods and tile dimensions. Our 1" thick ultratile with a pedestal underside now is available in 12 colors.

Expresso Fitness
The S2
Introducing the S2 interactive cycling system, combining a premium indoor cycle with the latest video game software to engage riders as never before! Why should your members simply "exercise" when they can explore eye-popping, 3D worlds, race against their friends, and pedal to the beat of their favorite music or watch TV? The S2 is not only fun but effective, providing a rich interactive training environment and giving riders both real-time and Web-based tools to keep improving.

GOJO Industries, Inc.
CX Count Mount System
The GOJO CX dispensing system is a counter-mount foam handwash system that provides the luxury of foam soap and the convenience of a sanitary, sealed counter-mount soap refill. Enjoy the rich feel of GOJO foam soap and the labor efficiency of this high-capacity dispensing design. Built to last, guaranteed to last. This is a breakthrough design with trouble-free performance.

TFX Touch-free Dispensing System
The GOJO TFX dispensing system is a touch-free wall-mount dispenser that delivers PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer to your club patrons and staff while eliminating the potential for cross-contamination. Neat dispense design eliminates drips. There is also a skylight to show when it's time to reload. Show your commitment to well-being and provide America's #1 brand of Instant Hand Sanitizer.

Peak Pilates
MVe Fitness Chair
Peak Pilates is announcing the new MVe Complete Workout System by offering free demonstrations. Unlike anything available at clubs or pilates studios today, the MVe complete workout System is a re-imagined breed of pilates equipment, set in a high energy, group-class format, with heart pumping music. It fits the needs of clubs by offering a turn-key solution including cost-effective instruction, education and programming.
Special Event/ Guest:
Chair demo's and Pilates Master Trainer, Clare Durphy will be on hand answering questions.
Date/Time: All day, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Location: Peak Pilates, Booth #925

Quantum Fitness Corporation
Kids Quick Circuit
Fast, enjoyable, efficient and safe exercise equipment for kids. Featuring a precision hydraulic cylindar for years of heavy usage. Quantum Kids Circuit leads the way to a healthy future.

The Royale Smoothie Co.

The Royale Smoothie Co. is a turn-key system - the facility provides the ice and we provide everything else.

Real Fruit Shelf Stable Concentrates, containing No Corn Syrup, Cane or Beet Sugars.

Push Button Production using a variety of equipment styles or blenders.

Increase your bottom line with guidance from a innovative beverage industry leader with over 25 years experience and You KEEP 100% of the Revenues.

SportsArt Fitness
Extreme Series Cardio
All new treadmills with cusioned deck & SXE™ Servo Drive System; new step through recumbent cycles with integrated comfort system seating.

Troy Barbell & Fitness
DR-10, BB-10 and GTAR
A series of commercial racks that incorporate function as well as aesthics to any facility looking for some style. From the platinum color to the curves on the frame, you nor your members will be disappointed.

TruForm Fitness
The revolutionary new IsoBar® line of commercial weight bars utilize innovative, patented, sliding hand grips that remain evenly spaced from the center to combine the range of motion, isolation, ease on joints and muscle recruitment possible with dumbells, with the control, simplicity and racking ability of barbells. Olympic compatible free weight and cable attachment IsoBar's® are available.

Worldwide Sport Nutrition/MET-Rx
Extreme Thermo RAGE
Worldwide Extreme Thermo Rage is the next generation of RTDs! This advanced thermogenic blend contains 300 mg of Caffeine, plus Yohimbine and Taurine, - which is the aggressive blend you need to feel the Rage and support your workout goals. Rage is a Vasodilator containing only 20 calories and is sugar free. For more information, call 1-800-556-3879 or visit www.sportnutrition.com.

MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up
Introducing MET-Rx Size Up METAMYOSYN Muscle Mass Formula! Specially designed for hard gainers who want to gain weight and pack-on quality mass.* If you're one of those people who have a tough time packing on solid, powerful muscle, try MET-Rx Size Up. Our specially selected nutrients are designed to meet your body's needs for both immediate and sustained energy and protein synthesis.* Each serving contains 600 calories, 59g protein, 64-67g High-Quality Complex Carbs, 3g Creatine, and 3g Glutamine. For more information, call 1-800-818-7672 or visit www.MET-Rx.com.

MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Crispy Apple Pie
Sure, the name’s a mouthful, but the bar is too. The New MET-Rx® Big 100 Colossal Crispy Apple Pie bar tastes so good, it should take the meal replacement bar market by storm. But don’t take our word for it…just take one bite and you’ll wonder how MET-Rx loaded 31 grams of high quality protein including Metamyosyn®, vitamins and minerals — and 0 grams trans fat — into a bar that tastes like a heavenly slice of crispy apple pie. For more information, call 1-800-55-MET-Rx or visit www.MET-Rx.com.

Special Event/ Guest:
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Date/Time: Thursday October 5, 12:30pm- 5:30pm; Friday October 6, 11:30am- 5:30pm
Location: Worldwide Sport Nutrition/MET-Rx Booth, Booth #1048

Mariusz is a 3-time World's Strongest Man Champion. Stop by Worldwide Sport Nutrition/MET-Rx, Booth #1048, for an autographed photo of Mariusz and a free sample of the new MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Crispy Apple Pie


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