Friday, October 06, 2006

Party with Star Trac

After a long day at seminars and on the show floor yesterday, we were invited to a Star Trac reception at the Sears Tower in the evening. After dropping our stuff in our rooms at the hotel, Amy Fischbach, our managing editor; Jennipher Shaver, our associate editor; Angie Gates, our online sales manager; Marty McCallen, our national sales manager; and I jumped in a taxi (after a cold and long wait in the taxi line at the hotel) and headed to the reception. I had been to the Sears Tower pre 9-11 for a reception and it was a simple process getting onto the elevator, but this time we had to show identification and we had to pass through a metal detector. I guess that shows how times have changed.

However, we soon made it to the 66th floor where the party was in full swing and the view out the windows at the Chicago lights was spectacular. Most of the 200 or so people in attendance were club owners and their staff intermingled with Star Trac people. We found the food table right away and then found two tables to share with others. By the end of the evening, we’d had an enjoyable conversation with several people from Star Trac.

I then headed back to the hotel with Amy to get a light dessert and head back to my room to blog about the day, but Marty, Angie and Jenn headed to the Life Fitness party, which lasted until about 10 pm. Jenn will blog about that later.


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