Friday, October 06, 2006

Visiting the oldest Crunch gym in Chicago

I flipped through the Chicago phone book this morning, and I noticed that a Crunch gym was nearby our hotel, the Palmer House Hilton. After I returned to the hotel following early morning workouts and checked out, I left my luggage with the attendant and took a cab over to Crunch's gym on North State Street.

Our magazine writes about Crunch all the time, but we don't have any of their gyms in the Kansas City area, so I was excited to see what one looked like. After being shown a few areas of the club by a front desk employee, I met with the manager, who gave me information about the club. The gym was built in 1989, and is the oldest Crunch in Chicago. The five Crunch gyms are all within about a mile of each other, so I asked Pam, our editor, if she wanted to visit the flagship gym tonight. She set up an appointment with the manager for 6 p.m.

During my visit today, I saw a boxing ring at the entrance, a foosball table, chairs like looked like giant purple hands and the infamous peek-a-boo showers in the locker room. The gym also had a huge group exercise studio, where they have a variety of classes each week. The hot class right now is called Kangoo, and the students wear roller blades with a spring on the bottom, the manager said.

The club has member appreciation parties twice a month, and brings in beer, food and massage therapists. Overall, the club had a fun and laid-back theme with bright colors and a friendly staff. Pam will write about her experiences at the other Crunch club later on.

I fly home to Kansas City with Jenn tonight, but Pam will be at the show tomorrow, and she'll keep all of you updated on the events. Take care and have a good weekend!



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